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How to Improve iPhone 6S Battery Life


How to Improve iPhone 6S Battery Life

When compared to iPhone 6, 6S comes with a smaller battery but with the power efficient A9 chip, the battery life offered is the same. This is just the claim made by Apple but what if it is not the case, then you really need to think of the problems related to draining batteries as the phone comes with huge price tag. So you need to keep your phone worth up to the price tag. iOS 9 has also come up with new Low Power Mode, in order to save phone’s battery life. But one probably doesn’t want to keep this feature enabled all the times. Rather you can manually follow some steps to customize your battery life than going with Low Power Mode feature which will surely help to improve iPhone 6s Battery Life.

We have  listed few simple tips to Improve iPhone 6S Battery Life. However, All the mentioned tips need not be followed by you instead you can opt for some of them which suits best according to your requirements and usage.

First Steps to Follow

 Before heading towards the battery improvement tips, you must understand about the battery usage. You can now identify the battery hogs, from the battery usage information. To identify these battery hogs, simply go to settings> battery.

Here the information is categorized into last 24 hours and last 4 days. Tapping on each, you can easily identify the apps draining your battery. Also, identify the number of times the app have been used by tapping on the clock icon next to the last 4 days tab beside knowing the apps background running time.

iphone 6s battery usage

Now that you know the battery hogs you can opt from among the listed tips.

Tips to Improve iPhone 6S battery life:

  • Turn off the battery hogs: Now that you know the power draining apps, save your battery life just by turning those apps off.
  • Brightness: Due to high-resolution display of the iOS 9, you can set it to auto brightness mode to save lots of energy. Head towards settings and then to display and brightness. Here you can select the auto display mode.
  • Background App Refresh: In enabled mode it allows to refresh the contents of an app when on Wi-Fi or cellular in the background. So turning off this feature helps you preserve your battery life to a great extent.

iphone background app refresh

  • Cellular Signals: If you’re in the Out of coverage area where you find no LTE signal or poor signal, then it is better that you switch to 3G to prevent your battery from being drained by LTE radio. To do this head to settings then general, cellular then to mobile. Now turn off the option.
  • Mail fetching: choose for manual fetching of emails, calendars, contacts, and many more instead of going for the automatic fetching feature.

iphone 6s mail fetching

  • Siri suggestions: This suggests you regarding apps, people, locations, and more when you go to search even before you type. So disabling this feature may come in handy.
  • Disabling location services: This service uses your GPS, Bluetooth, crowd-source Wi-Fi hotspot, and cell tower location to track your current location. Turning the service off helps you prevent battery life.

Besides above-mentioned tips, you can go with few general tips too like setting auto lock interval, disabling auto downloads, disabling 4K videos, disabling motion effect wallpapers, turning Bluetooth, Wi-Fi off.

You can turn on Low Power Mode when your battery drains up to 20%, you will automatically receive the notification for the same once it reaches 20%.

Iphone 6s low power mode

These tips will definitely help you to improve iPhone 6s battery life. If you’ve got more suggestions, kindly post in the comments section below.

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