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JBL GO Review : Best Budget Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

JBL GO Review


JBL GO Review : Best Budget Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

JBL is known for the sound quality of their music/sound accessories. JBL Go is a budget range Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and the cheapest in their lineup of Bluetooth Speakers. However, even being the cheapest, it doesn’t feel like at all.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing JBL Go and will be doing a quick comparison with the other Bluetooth Speakers in this range.

Design & Build Quality

We were really impressed by the build quality and design. While the front of the speaker is a metal net, the remaining part of the speaker is rubberized with premium matte feel. The build quality of this device is excellent even when compared to its rival Logitech X50. There’s no cheap plastic used on this device.

The design is pretty effective too as you can easily hold it in your palm.

jbl go build quality

Sound Quality

While testing the sound quality, we used two other devices too. One was Logitech X50 and the other was JBL Tune. The music quality of JBL Go is decent and comes with a balance of bass and treble. On comparing with the above-mentioned device, we realized

JBL Go vs Logitech X50 – JBL Go had more bass than Logitech X50, music quality was excellent in both the devices.

JBL Go vs JBL Tune – JBL Tune had more treble (sharpness) and less bass as compared to JBL Go.

Of course, JBL Tune is a 5W Bluetooth speaker while JBL Go is just a 3w speaker. However, the overall music listening experience was better in JBL Go.

If you are a Rock Music, Metal and Pop music lover, this device is the better choice among the above.



JBL Go is just a Bluetooth Speaker and nothing else. You also get an AUX slot to connect through AUX cable. However, one thing which we really liked is the ability to use this speaker for phone calls or conferencing as it has got an inbuilt microphone.  There are 5 buttons on the top, Power, Bluetooth trigger, Volume Down, Volume Up and Phone Call Pickup. That summarizes all the available features in this device.

jbl go features

Battery Performance

We continuously played music on full volume an the battery lasted around 5hrs. There was not even a single interruption or disconnect we face while playing the music continuously on this device for 5 hours. It can give you a better battery backup if you connect it through AUX or play it at a lower volume.


Final Verdict

JBL Go is available on the online stores for around INR 1600-2000. At this price, it is definitely an excellent choice and this would be our 1st recommendation for Bluetooth Speakers under INR 2000. You can buy from the link below:

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