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Google’s Android 6.0 is Android Marshmallow


Google’s Android 6.0 is Android Marshmallow

After a long months of speculations, Google has finally revealed the official name for their next Android version which is Android 6.0 or Android M and it is “Android Marshmallow”.


The name “Android Marshmallow” is as sweet as Android Lollipop or Android Kitkat. If you have seen the video above, you will notice that Google definitely likes to give a sweet experience to every Android user.

While the preview version is already available for developers, the final build is expected to be released in Q3 2015. This new version of Android will feature new additions like Fingerprint Scanning , Specific Apps permissions so that they can’t access your data without your Information, New RAM Manager, USB-C type support (also observed in Nexus 5 2015) and a battery saver project known as “Doze”. While all these features are derived from the preview versions, there are still more featured to be added in the final build.

It would also be Interested to see how the smartphone manufacturers respond and provide OS updates for their smartphone lineups. Some of the manufacturers such as Motorola and Samsung have already announced the Android M update for their flagship phones while some manufactures have still not decided.


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1 Comment

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