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Google Launches OnHub Wi-Fi Router

Google OnHub Router


Google Launches OnHub Wi-Fi Router

Just imagine, you are playing multiplayer games or watching movies on Internet and suddenly your Internet stops working. The first thing you do is, reach to your Wi-Fi router, check the indicator lights, check the power chord and ADSL chord. If your router is placed at a distance and reaching there becomes more painful. Thats a pretty frustrating task , isn’t it? Well, Google has something new for us, a new Wi-Fi router named “OnHub”.

Google has partnered with TP-Link, the popular router company (and ASUS) to bring you the most simple router which will solve all such problems. OnHub is a router, which can be managed from Android and iOs devices (through Bluetooth) using Google App. The App will allow users to set up and configure the router very easily. The App will also tell you the bandwidth consumption and network statistics. The App will also automatically update the Router whenever needed.

During setup, OnHub searches the airwaves and selects the best channel for the fastest connection. A unique antenna design and smart software keep working in the background, automatically adjusting OnHub to avoid interference and keep your network at peak performance. - Trond Wuellner, Group Product Manager

OnHub is now available for pre-order at popular U.S Online Retailers such as Amazon, Google Store and Wallmart for $199. Although,it might sound a bit pricey but if the device is actually good as claimed by Google then it can be a big hit and competition to other routers. Google is aware of all the problems people face with their current complicated routers and hence decided to come up with new idea. Although, it’s hard to say at this moment whether OnHub is really as simple as claimed by Google since there will definitely be lot of compatibility issues with the older Android and iOs devices but since the Router will be integrated with Google App, it could cope up with the compatibility issues as well.

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