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Tips to Protect your Privacy While Playing Online Multiplayer Games

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Tips to Protect your Privacy While Playing Online Multiplayer Games

Be it PUBG, CS GO or DOTA, if you’re a regular online multiplayer gamer then you might be worried about your privacy too.

Well, it’s obvious since your PC is connected to the other servers all over the world. While these video games are highly secured there might be a possibility that a small vulnerability may lead your system’s privacy to be compromised.

In this article, we’ll provide you with quick solutions to protect your privacy while playing Multiplayer games online.

1. Use an Internet Security Software

While Windows Defender is sufficient for normal incoming attacks. additionally dedicated Internet Security software such as Kaspersky Internet Security, BitDefender, AVAST may help your system to be more secure as they come with additional Internet Security features

2. Use a VPN Software

VPN Softwares such as HidemyAss, NordVPN etc encrypt your network and transfer your data securely while hiding your original identity.  However, you need to make sure that you select a VPN Application which doesn’t slow down your Internet or increase your PING to such an extent that you’re not able to play your game

3. Use IP Hiding Softwares

This is less complicated than a VPN. These IP Hiding applications just mask your original IP Addresses so that your original IP Address isn’t recorded by the online server. You can also check this guide which is quite useful for taking necessary steps for hiding your IP Address.

4. Avoid using Cracked Servers

Yes! Spend some money to buy the original game and play on the official servers. Never use the unofficial servers just because they work on your pirated version of the game. This is one of the major reasons why most of the gaming PC’s are infected with Trojans and are usually hacked.

5. Use Proxy

If you don’t want to use any IP Hiding software then the simplest solution is to use Proxy. You can find free proxy servers online. However, the challenge is to find the proxy which not only works fine but also provides reliable speed. You can also buy Proxies which usually costs very less.


These are few tips which you can use while playing online multiplayer video games to protect your privacy. If you have got more suggestions then kindly post int he comments section below and we will add in the list.

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