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Smartphones vs Tablets: Which is Right For You?

tablet vs phone


Smartphones vs Tablets: Which is Right For You?

We live in a mobile world where people rely heavily on their smartphones and tablets. A lot of people own both types of devices, while others prefer one over the other. If you are looking into purchasing a smartphone or tablet, but want to know which of the two are better, then the following info will be useful. Maybe you’ll find a tablet is better for you or having both would be ideal. It all comes down to your own preferences and how you will use them daily in the real world.


Why People Like Smartphones

They’re everywhere for a reason. Smartphones are like mini computers that can fit inside your pocket (unless you have the extremely large models, then you may need an Eddie Bauer tote bag). These devices are in direct competition with tablets, which we can see by the increasing capabilities and size of newer models. They are growing in size to compete for those who like watching videos and movies using the web. Today, you can find smartphones with five inch screens, which is two inches smaller than 7-inch tablets. This makes for better visuals and the QWERTY keyboard is also easier to operate.

The processors in these little devices are also becoming stronger, allowing users to run multiple tasks at once, which is ideal for students and business professionals.


What People Don’t Like About Smartphones

Like with most electronics, there are various downsides to owning a smartphone. For one, the screen size, although five inches is still pretty small. This make it difficult to view documents and create presentations on the go. Plus, the operating systems on Androids are always behind in the latest technologies, unlike with iPhone users who can update their smartphone instantly.


Why Do People Like Tablets?

To date, tablets are the most portable travel companions we have. It’s a nice between a laptop and a smartphone, allowing you to do the same things a computer can and also talk to your family and friends using your data plan or Wi-Fi. The screen resolutions are HD quality and the battery life is pretty good on most models, lasting between six and 10 hours. The prices for tablets are also pretty affordable, depending on the model you get (Android, iPad, Kindle).


What People Dislike About Tablets

One of the biggest pet peeves of tablets is that they have little storage space. This makes it hard to use it like you would a computer. Most come up with a max of 64 GB of SSD hard drive space. The screen keyboard is also annoying for typing out long emails and documents. You can use a bluetooth keyboard to connect to the tablet, but even these are sometimes flimsy.

The processors aren’t that great, typically having quad-core models and only 2 GB of RAM. This doesn’t really give you much speed and power, which can be very annoying when you’re trying to do research.

If you ever damage your tablet, you can expect to pay a lot of money in repairs. In this case, you’d be better off buying another tablet.

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