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Dropbox now allows you to Save and Share your Bookmarks


Dropbox now allows you to Save and Share your Bookmarks

If you are a user who needs all the bookmarks on all your different devices, Dropbox has introduced a solution to make your problems of saving and syncing bookmarks and URLs in an easier way. Now, you can save all your URLs and Bookmarks in your Dropbox account which can be shared with other users or can be accessed through different devices connected to your Dropbox account.

All you need to do is, simply drag the desired URL from the Address bar of your browser and drop it in your Dropbox folder. You can upload as many URLs as you want which will be accessible to all the users you’ve shared your dropbox folder with on any device which has got Dropbox application Installed.

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Although Google Chrome and Safari allows you to sync bookmarks with their respective mobile versions but this Dropbox feature is useful if you want to share bunch of URLs with others. Android and iOS users can also share webpages using the Dropbox app.

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